Veetle Brings Live Broadcast Streaming to the iPhone

I might be late on that one but I just learned from my friend Guy about a website called that brings live broadcast to the iPhone via Safari. There isn’t much to watch yet, but South Park and Family Guy episodes are available, which really is all I need from my mobile video needs…

According to Veetle’s website:

Veetle is a venture-backed digital media company based in Silicon Valley. Started by a team of top-notch engineers who were former graduate students from Stanford University, Veetle provides the next generation live broadcasting platform that can deliver extremely cost-effective streams at a massive scale with unprecedented quality. This unique platform therefore enables content owners, broadcasters and websites to reach millions of concurrent viewers with the highest fidelity content possible, at little or no additional cost.

I don’t think Veetle stands much chances against Hulu and Netflix, but at least this web app is completely free of charge and no membership is required.

Give it a try and tell us what you think.