How Many Gadgets Have Your iPhone/Apps Replaced?

Whenever I show my iPhone to someone who has very limited care or information regarding mobile technology, it never gets old hearing them gasp at the reality that the device they are looking at is indeed a phone. And why should it? The gadgets and basic household items that have since been replaced (or thrown away) by the hand of my iPhone is an ever expending list:
  • Digital Camera – The iPhone 4’s ability will more than suffice for any photos I will take
  • Video Camera – Same as the camera
  • GPS – Thanks to the App Store (and even the native app) my travels are routed without incident
  • iPod – While I still own a “new” Nano, I don’t see the need to buy another
  • Alarm Clock – Self Explanatory
  • Compass – Okay kind of a joke but its basic capabilities are more than adequate for my needs
  • Newspaper – Having the ability to see only news I care about beats the old school print
  • Journal/Planner – There are many apps for that
  • PSP – Don’t lynch me for I know it isn’t the same, but for the (lack of) gaming I desire, the iPhone is plenty

That’s a lot of cash saved. It is important to mention that the iPhone abilities would be half of what they are without the App Store. In my opinion it is the single most important piece to the puzzle and what keeps the competitors so far behind. Having a phone continually able to morph into another device is what it’s all about for me.

Have you replaced as many gadgets as I have with your iPhone? Do you use the device as a complete all-in-one or just as a fancy telephone? Let us know how many uses you get from yours in our irreplaceable comment box.