Justin “I’m a Mac” Long Has a Jailbroken iPhone

In what might be the biggest exposure Cydia has ever gotten, Justin Long showed off his jailbroken iPhone on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night. Long appeared before in a series of Apple commercials where he played “Mac” in the Mac vs. PC ads running from 2006 to 2009. The jailbroken app featured was TVOutTuner (available in the Cydia Store) which allows a user to display the content on their iPhone screen to their TV.

While no mention of Cydia (however at the end you can see the icon clearly) exists in the clip, the ability to display your phone’s screen is not permitted by any of Apple’s approved applications.

The once Apple spokesman showcased a series of text messages that were sent by an obvious teenager who had the wrong number. Justin played along with the youngster (apparently for months) by replying with assorted responses where he imitated the mangling of language. The clip goes on for 7 minutes but is a hilarious watch. Aside from good material, viewing the video will make a non-jailbreaker think twice about their stock device. Trust me.

Like many of your probably know, The U.S. Liberty of Congress declared you can legally jailbreak your iDevices. However the hacking and downloading of applications not approved by Apple could result in voiding your warranty. At least that’s what Apple says.