eBay Launches Half.com iPhone App for Students

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing, minds are gathering, and the students are trying to plan out how to save as much money as possible for their weekend tirades. If your hoping to cut some of your costs in the textbook department perhaps eBay can help. The online auction site has launched an entry into the App Store from a company they bought 10 years ago to help you cut your rising costs this fall. Half.com is the name of both that company as well as the free application.

TechCrunch tell us this is the first eBay application to offer it’s newest feature, barcode scanning which it bought from RedLaser not too long ago. Just a swipe of your iPhone should give you access to great deals on textbooks, DVD’s, & games.

The best part is all items are discounted, sometimes in excess to 50% hence the name Half.com. With over 700,000 sellers and access to share through Facebook & Twitter, chances are you’ll find someone to help you find that ancient edition classic literature text.

What do you think students and parents? Does this look appealing enough to partake in or will you just break down and buy from your bookstore, or stay with Amazon? Let us know in the education center known as the comment box.