Turn Your iPhone into a Mini iMac

I don’t like to make a habit out of promoting (or writing) about accessories I haven’t used, simply because you don’t usually know until you have it in hand. However the Just Mobile Xtand for the iPhone looks seriously legit. This aluminum holder takes your trusted device, and morphs it into a little looking iMac. Just another reason I might hold off on buying an iPad. Sorry Apple.

The 3 piece unit is said to be easily assembled and incredibly sturdy, and houses a rubber “hand” so to be speak, where the iPhone actually rests. Sick of looking up peoples nostrils on your FaceTime calls? No problem, this solution will fix that in no time. A must have ability is covered in allowing either portrait or landscape mode. Watching movies or reading iBooks on an iPhone just became ten times better.

All iPhone models seem to be supported, with a current 20% discount bringing the total to just $33. iPod Touch, iPad, and even MacBook look-a-likes are also available. So no more worries of holding your phone the wrong way. Just plop it into this beauty, and let the Xtand do the gripping for you. This just might be sitting on my desk I’m a short time. What do you guys think?