Will You Upgrade Your iPhone to 4.0.2?

As Sebastien reported just a bit ago, Apple released software update 4.0.2. This “update” is said to have addressed to the PDF exploit that the Dev Team discovered, thus allowing JailbreakMe to function with ease. For those of you who aren’t jailbroken (which includes me), do you really plan to update this time?

It would have been nice of Apple to include the various features such as Game Center in this round, but perhaps the Beta isn’t quite perfected to release to the masses. It’s clear that this update was specifically aimed to prevent JailbreakMe from enticing those who buy their phone from today on. I bet the Dev’s get all fuzzy inside when Apple directly implements fixes aimed at their work. I give credit to them (devs), as they do work hard on these jailbreaks.

I think I will be sitting this update out. It may even have a counterproductive effect on me. Now that the hole is patched, I just may jailbreak for the heck of it. How about you? Will you update this go around, or wait for a real update? Let us know in the comments below.