Intel Inside (Your iPhone?)

Computerworld is reporting that the tycoon chip company Intel, is leading the pack of potential buyers of the German semiconductor company, Infineon Technologies. It goes without saying, (but I’ll say it anyway), that this would be a nice payday for the company. Samsung and Broadcom have also shown interest.

Currently, Infineon produces chips for some iPhones and the iPads. Blackberry, Samsung, and Nokia are all buyers and users of the German company as well. In case you crawled out from under the a rock this morning, that’s a LOT of cellphones. While nothing comes painless when making a gigantic deal (platform differences in Europe), the risks are believed to be outweighed by the benefits.

It’s no secret that Intel has been figuring out a way to get themselves into the lucrative smartphone game, and it seems like buying the farm is their best shot at milking the cow.