Early Release of an iPhone 5?

Yesterday TUAW reported on an iLounge leak, concerning several possibilities around new iPods, iPads, and yes, an early release of an iPhone 5 type device. Now, even iLounge themselves stated that they think such a device would be “highly unlikely”, however my blood started to boil just thinking of such a scenario. The rumor is that Apple would be releasing the device 6 months earlier than its previous summer cycle.

This would be entirely due to the well documented antenna issue. The speculation doesn’t stop there though. The “story” continues with saying that the likelihood of an “iPhone 4.5” would be more of a possibility. Having the device be similar in design, minus the antenna placement, come in a 64GB model, and run on Verizon‘s CDMA network. Are you getting mad yet?

Let’s be real for a minute. It wasn’t that long ago when rumors of an iPhone Nano were flooding throughout the grapevine. Obviously we know what came of that. I will say that if Apple thinks releasing a bigger capacity, differently placed antenna device designed to run on Verizon as a way to “not disrupt the Apple faithful”, they are sorely misguided. Time will tell if there is any substance to this, but keep your torches handy.

What do you think?