StealthArmor iPhone 4 Cover [Review]

A couple of weeks ago Fusion of Ideas sent me 3 StealthArmor covers for iPhone 4 to review and after having used one of them on my phone for a while now, I think I can give you a honest review of the product.

What is it?

The StealthArmor is a cover for iPhone 4 (and other devices). Like the name suggests it’s just a cover, not a full case. It comes in 3 different series, including various finish styles such as carbon, matte, metal, wood, leather, etc…

Here is how Fusion of Ideas describes the StealthArmor:

StealthArmor is the ultimate solution to protect your new Apple iPhone 4 in style. Made from industrial grade material originally designed for racecars, StealthArmor protects, shields and covers your iPhone 4 from scratches, dings and short drops. Our unique solution uses a thin layer of damage-resistant film to protect your iPhone 4 without the bulk of traditional cases. The same material is used for our custom corner and side bezel pieces, which offer maximum full-body protection for your iPhone 4.

The review products I received were the white carbon, the white matte, and the tungsten. As soon as I opened the box and saw what I had received, I knew exactly which one I was going to use on my iPhone because it looked so elegant: the tungsten one.

Putting it On

Man do I hate those covers that take forever to apply. The StealthArmor is nothing like this. I’m not particularly good with my hands (although Tina might disagree with that, hehe) but it took me about 15 seconds to apply the back cover on my iPhone. The result? Astonishing!

Each kit contains custom cut side and bezel covers to supposedly fix the antenna issue. I applied mine in just a few seconds but it didn’t look really good. I put the phone in my pocket, went on with my day and I later realized that not only the bezel covers didn’t look good on my iPhone, but they were also peeling off so I just took them off.

Yesterday night I applied the white carbon model to Tina’s phone, and again, it took me just a few seconds. The back cover is made to stick to your iPhone without leaving any glue on it should you want to remove it, so that’s a definite plus.

The guys at Fusion of Ideas had also sent me the front screen which required a bit more work to install. If you’ve ever had an InvisibleShield, you know the drill. Remove the screen protector, spray some “magic product” on it, apply, and remove all the air bubbles. This took me a couple minutes to apply perfectly on Tina’s iPhone.

The Looks

I’m gonna be completely honest and admit that I really don’t like the white covers I was sent. Fortunately Tina liked them so she picked the white carbon, which she thinks looks better than the matte white model.

As for me, I absolutely love the tungsten model I got. It looks amazing. It’s classy, elegant, clean, simple, and it definitely gives an “edgy” feel to my iPhone (see image above).

The Price

The StealthArmor covers for iPhone 4 start at $25 for the clear model. Other styles are $35. You’re going to have to add another $15 if you want the front screen protection as well. Included in the price is the custom corners and bezel shields for all-around protection.

The Verdict

I really love the StealthArmor cover I installed on the back of my iPhone. Not only it protects my iPhone from scratches but it also makes it look good and stand apart from this ocean of identical iPhone 4s.

The StealthArmor covers are very easy to install and you can tell right off the bat they are of great quality. At $35 it might be a bit pricey though and I would have expected Fusion of Ideas to include the front cover free of charge, but I guess quality has its price.

If you’re looking for protection and style for your iPhone, I highly recommend the StealthArmor covers, especially for their great quality and looks.

You can find more info about these products here.