Light Leak is Causing White iPhone 4 Delays

There’s a price to pay if you want to make beautiful devices, and Apple knows exactly what this price is… The Street as an article this morning that reveals the white iPhone 4 delays may be due to back light from the iPhone display screen leaking out around the edges of the glass and seeping through the back of the phone.

[…] the light seepage presents a very specific problem to the white phone since it is far more transparent than black. The iPhone is made like a glass sandwich. Apple uses Corning’s Gorilla glass on the front and back of the phone and a metal band runs around the outside doubling as an antenna.

If I were in charge of that, I’d say put a case on your iPhone and you won’t see the light anymore but we all know Apple wouldn’t want such a quick fix for such a major issue… or would they?

The White iPhone 4 has been awaited like the messiah since June 15th. Apple has now postponed its launch for the third time, the latest ETA being “later this year“.