The iPhone 4 is Jailbroken

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a jailbreak for iPhone 4. iPhone hackers PlanetBeing and Chpwn have managed to get root access (jailbreak) the iPhone 4, by using a variation of the Spirit jailbreak by Comex.

A few hours ago, PlanetBeing posted the following on Twitter:

Think I’m the first one I know about to get a root shell (and SSH) on iPhone 4, using poor @comex’s code (since he has no iPhone 4)

This was later confirmed by MuscleNerd who posted a tweet containing this retina display image of Cydia on an iPhone 4.

Cydia Jailbreak on iPhone 4

And now for the bad news… iPhone hacker p0sixninja confirmed on Twitter that this version of Spirit used to jailbreak the iPhone 4 cannot be released at the time being because it contains parts of Apple’s proprietary code, which is obviously illegal.

This bad news was also confirmed by PlanetBeing which insisted on the fact that Spirit is nowhere ready for a release. What does that mean? Well, it means it might take a few more days, maybe weeks, until Spirit can officially be released to jailbreak the iPhone 4.