GeoHot: I Have So Much To Finish Before I Work On The Jailbreak

geohot no jailbreak

Yesterday I was telling you about LimeRa1n, a new potential jailbreak by GeoHot for all iPhones and iPod Touch. It seems that many people have gotten in touch with GeoHot by phone or even by showing up at his house (this info can be found in the whois records of his websites), asking for the jailbreak.

Apparently, and for obvious reasons, GeoHot wasn’t particularly pleased, and I guess he’s growing tired of people bugging him about a new jailbreak.

He made this clear today by saying on Twitter that we shouldn’t be expecting a jailbreak from him anytime soon.

What do you guys think of all this? Do you think he’s trying to mislead us to surprise us better soon? Or is he just not working on a jailbreak after all?