17 Pink iPhone Themes for Women

Is your girlfriend’s iPhone a little boring? Then spice it up with this selection of 17 pink iPhone themes for women, or for men with very girlie tastes…

All these pink iPhone themes are available from Cydia and are for use with WinterBoard. Needless to say that you have to jailbreak your iPhone before being able to install any of these themes.

Coach Pink

A simple Coach theme done by request. Includes stock icons and loading screens, wallpaper, lock screen, and dialer.


A WinterBoard theme inspired by the highly successful Mark Ecko clothing line. Includes wallpaper, dock, lockbackground, sliders, battery, header battery, and AT&T carrier images. No icons included with this theme.

Girly Skulls

A pink abstract skulls theme for WinterBoard with wallpaper, dock, lockbackground, sliders, header battery, and AT&T carrier images. No icons included with this theme.

Gone Pink

A very pink theme for the ladies!

iFlower Pink

A beautiful theme by poetic_folly.

iPink Black

A very nice pink and black theme for iPhone.


Icons only, background is not included in the package.

KillSign Carbon Pink

A complete custom theme by KillSign for the ladies or anyone who likes pink and black. Includes full UI theme, custom keyboard, springboard theme with 230+ icons, and much more.

La Vie en Rose

The universe in pink! Well at least pretty much everything on your iPhone. Theme includes LockScreen, Icons, Wallpaper, Battery, Wifi, text message bubbles, Loading Screens, Most UI images and changes to all built in apps. Doesn’t get much more pink than this.

My Pinky Theme

A pink WinterBoard theme by J3r3mie.

Pastel ePink

For use with WinterBoard. Custom girly theme. Theme includes: Custom icons, background, SMS Background, SMS Balloons, Badge, Status Bar Icons (battery, wifi, etc…), charging battery on lockscreen and download status icons.

Pink Apple

Be a man, get this theme!

Pink Gloss WeEzy

Funky Pink & Black theme with Glossy Icons! For use with WinterBoard.

Pink & Black Plaid

WinterBoard theme for a specific taste. If you like pink, you will like this theme for sure. Comes with custom wallpaper, icons, dock and status bar!

PinkProject Theme

This is a beautiful pink iPhone theme for your iPhone & iPod Touch.


A collection of 3 WinterBoard themes based on the original silhouette iPod ads. Now over 125 original icons by Filipiak. Package comes with blue, orange, and pink variations.

Vivid Pink

A pink Vivid theme creation for Winterboard by Allen with a stylish mesh wallpaper, clear glass like badge, and 340+ custom icons.

More Pink Themes?

Am I missing a great pink theme? If so, let us know in the comments.