iPad 3G Ships By May 7 In The US

ipad 3G

It’s now official, the iPad 3G will be ship in the US by May 7th, according to Apple’s website. It’s interesting to note that even though Apple hadn’t been specific on a launch date back when they introduced the iPad, they did say it would launch 90 days after January 27. In short, they’re late, but not really…

ipad 3G priceI know I’m not buying an iPad 3G. Why would I pay extra for 3G when I can simply tether my iPhone and share its 3G with my iPad? But at $130 more than the wifi-only version, I don’t think it’s a bad deal.

What I really like about it too is the flexibility of the 3G data plan. You choose the amount of data per month you want to buy (250MB at $14.99, or unlimited data at $29.99).

“Best of all, there’s no contract. So if you have a business trip or vacation approaching, just sign up for the month you’ll be traveling and cancel when you get back. You don’t need to visit a store to get 3G service. You can sign up, check your data usage, manage your account, or cancel your service — all from your iPad.”

There’s still no official launch date in other countries. For more information, check out Apple’s website.