iRemix Considerably Improves Your iPod App

Do you feel that the features of the iPod app of your iPhone or iTouch are limited? You’re not alone. The other day as I was miserably stuck in a bus between Ninh Binh and Halong Bay in Vietnam, I was playing with my iPod and building an on-the-go playlist. I found it absolutely ridiculous that I couldn’t add songs to the on-the-go playlist while playing the songs.

After doing a bit of research online (all this over the amazing Vietnamese 3G), I came across iRemix, a jailbreak app that aims at enhancing your iPod experience. iRemix is more a mod than an app per say. It integrates seamlessly with your iPod app, making it much better.

I was excited about iRemix because it was supposedly able to do what I wanted: easily add songs being played to the on-the-go playlist. But it also has other badass features:

  • Favorites: tap and hold on a song then add it to your favorites
  • Bookmarks: tap the little bookmark icon to create a bookmark anywhere in a song or audiobook
  • Quick add: quickly add songs to the on-the-go playlist
  • Fast search: simple and powerful search feature
  • Song info: easily get artist or album info. Also allows you to watch the video of the song as well as search for lyrics
  • Enhanced FFW and REW: tap and hold the FFW or REW button to easily jump forward or backward by 15 s, 30 s, 1 min, or 5 minutes.

In the first image below, you can see the bookmarking feature, the “i” for information search, and the FFW/REW feature. Note that I added all of them for this screenshot but the screen doesn’t normally look so busy. In the second image, you can see the “add to on-the-go” and “add to favorites” features.

These sounds like very simple features, don’t they? Well, they are very basic but very powerful. So powerful that I suspect we will see some of them in iPhone OS 4.0.

iRemix is available from Cydia for $2.99 and comes with a 5-day trial period. This app is a no brainer for anyone looking to make enhance the iPod feature.

You might have already heard or even tried iRemix since it’s not so new. If so, what do you think about this app?