Favorite Apps of the Month

These are actually my favorite apps of February but I’m a little late…

powerdownloaderPower Downloader [iTunes link] – This is a free app that lets you download a host of files to your iPhone like JPG, GIF, HTML, MP3, MP4, 3GP and more.  But, what I like to use it for is downloading YouTube videos for later viewing at full resolution.  However, you can only watch the video from within the app and there’s no way to get the video off your iPhone.  Obviously, Apple wouldn’t have an app that would pirate YouTube videos.  Since YouTube videos don’t stream on 3G at full resolution on the iPhone, this helps to watch your videos more cleanly. There doesn’t seem to be a size limit when downloading on 3G.

Which location-based app has more than double the amount of users of Foursquare and Gowalla combined and is free?  If the answer is MyTown [iTunes link] you’d be correct!  Unlike other location-sharing apps, MyTown plays much more like a real game.  When you check in to places, you have the option of buying them for your virtual town.  The properties you buy give you constant income and to upgrade them you need money.  To level up, you need points and you get that by checking in to more places.  I have to admit I’m kind of addicted to this.  However, the GPS locating on this app is not very good and I have to type in my location most of the time.

I used Beejive for the longest time to instant message on my iPhone.  I loved it for the most part but the app loading time was horrendous.  Plus, I paid $9.99 for the app.  Then came Meebo [iTunes link].  It’s free and I believe it does load a little faster than Beejive.  I’m sure it’s even more magnified for me since I have the older 3G.  3GS users may or may not see that much of a difference.  Sure, Beejive has a lot more features.  But, I don’t use most of them.  I just want to IM.  Meebo supports push notifications and when you bring up Meebo on your desktop, push notifications are disabled on your iPhone.  Nice touch.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock [iTunes link] – Apparently, we sleep in cycles of light and deep sleep.  Every night, we set our alarm to go off at a certain time in the morning but many times it is sleepgraphwhen we are in a deep sleep cycle.  So, we’re very groggy when it’s time to get up.  The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is app designed to change that.  The app will sound a soothing alarm when you’re in a light sleep cycle and then you can gradually get up.  Just as a warning, sometimes your light sleep cycle could come 30 minutes before you actually want to get up.  The accelerometer tracks the movement on your bed and knows if you’re in a light or deep sleep cycle.  So, yes, you will have to sleep with your iPhone on your bed.  And, yes, I have knocked my iPhone off my bed a couple of times.  What I really like the $.99  app for is tracking how long I’m in light and deep sleep.  I posted a sample of one of my night’s sleep.  I have a lot of peaks and valleys.  I am a light sleeper.

What are your favorite apps of the month?