What Is The iPhone Dev Team Up To?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the Dev Team has been very quiet lately. I mean, the last time we heard from them was through a blog post about an UltraSn0w update.

MuscleNerd and I a buddies on Twitter and he always reply to me when I have a question or comment so last week, I asked him on Twitter what was the Team up to these days. He never replied!

I don’t think he simply ignored me. I think the Dev Team is on to something but they don’t want any info to be leaked and screw up everything, just like it did when the 24kpwn exploit was “leaked”, which led Apple to fix it in a minute.

So what could they be up to? An untethered jailbreak and unlock for the 3GS is the most probable project they’d be working on and I believe they are waiting for Apple to release an update to the iPhone OS before making this jailbreak available.

Doesn’t that make sense? Why do you think the Dev Team has been so silent lately?