Apple Makes Future iPhones Jailbreak-Proof

In a not so surprising move, Apple decided to give some hard time to jailbreakers by fixing the 24Kpwn exploit on the iPhone 3GS bootrom, which is the exploit that allows you to jailbreak your iPhone.

If like me you’re not much of a technical person, here is an explanation from MobileCrunch:

If you want the full technical rundown of the exploit, you can find it here. In its simplest form: as with all computers, the iPhone requires something called a “Bootrom” to startup. During the startup process, one stretch of code in the Bootrom fails to ensure that the content being loaded is within a certain size limit. By throwing more instructions at that chunk of code than it’s intended to handle, exploiters are able to make the iPhone do damn near whatever they want; in this case, the jailbreaking process.

The reason for patching this exploit is unknown but we suspect it is to prevent applications piracy.

What’s next? Well, the Dev Team and other iPhone hackers now have some more work to add to their plate. No code is perfect and there’s probably other holes to exploit. It’s now just a matter of time…

This cat and mouse game between Apple and the jailbreaking community is far beyond ridiculous now and iPhone users are getting tired of it. Yes, the iPhone is without a doubt the best mobile device out there, but all these stupid restrictions from Apple are leaving us tired and frustrated.

Apple was once famous for its “1984 commercial” that wanted the Mac to symbolize the idea of empowerment, with the ad showcasing the Mac as a tool for combating conformity and asserting originality. Look at what Apple has become. A perfect case study of irony and hypocrisy in business.

What do you think?