Weekly Wrapup: BlackRa1n, BlackSn0w, and More…

In case you missed the festivities, this is a summary of this week’s articles.

BlackRa1n is available – It seems that GeoHot was quicker at releasing BlackRa1n RC2 than he thought. Originally, BlackRa1n RC2 was supposed to be out tomorrow but GeoHot said on Twitter that it was already available for download.

BlackRa1n RC2 guide & tutorial – This step-by-step guide and tutorial will show you how to use BlackRa1n RC2 to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch, either on a Mac or a PC.

Xpandr shortcuts for iPhone – Xpandr is a shortcut expander for the iPhone / iPod touch. It allows you to define an unlimited number of shortcuts to save time and make your life easier.

Geohot offered $10,000 to unlock 05.11.07 – GeoHot, the little genius behind BlackRa1n is back at work and is reportedly working on an unlock for baseband 05.11.07.

GriP (Growl for iPhone) – GriP (Growl for iPhone), a Project by KennyTM, author of other well known projects like QuickScroll, presents a great alternative to the stock notification system, even on its current beta stage.

iTunes 9.0.2 safe for jailbreakers – MuscleNerd confirmed that iTunes 9.0.2 won’t interfere with your jailbreak and/or unlock.

BlackSn0w – After being offered a bounty of $10,000, GeoHot started working on BlackSn0w, an unlock for the iPhone 3.1.2 baseband 05.11.07, and it seems he’s getting closer to finding a solution.

GeoHot unlocks iPhone 3.1.2 05.11.07 – GeoHot just published a video of the first unlocked iPhone running OS 3.1.2 and baseband 05.11.07 using BlackSn0w.

GeoHot declines $10,000 for BlackSn0w – GeoHot finally came back to reality and realized that working for Jody Sanders was not a good move.