Saurik’s Take On Apple’s Hypocrisy

Saurik, the developer of Cydia, wrote an article last week on how to cache Apple’s signature server, which helps downgrade an iPhone 3GS from 3.1 to 3.0. Besides all the technical stuff about the downgrade process, Saurik shared his view of Apple has a company. We share the same opinions about Apple, but he expresses it much better than me, because of my poor English (remember I am French).

Here is where Saurik is right on:

I have very little respect for Apple at this point: I make no secret of this fact. Apple, as a company, has turned into a corporate hypocrisy, embodying the very ideals that it claims to be rebelling against. “Think Different”, as a slogan, has become a cold criticism of their own actions with regards to their product lines.

[…] Sometimes, it is “only” marketing restrictions: there is no fundamental reason why only the 3G[S] can record video (although the quality of the camera on the iPhone 2G and 3G is not very high), or why the iPhone 2G is somehow unable to do MMS.

Applications like Google Latitude or Voice are likewise “rejected” (Apple likes to claim that they didn’t reject these applications, they simply “didn’t accept” them…) from the App Store because they might “confuse” the user by replacing functionality that exists with better equivalents.

Our need for “more”, however, goes deeper: jailbreaking isn’t just about applications that Apple “rejected”, but is also about taking provided tools and going in a new direction. The most popular packages available in Cydia aren’t even “applications”, but are “extensions”: seamless and pervasive modifications to existing software.

What do you think about Apple and the way they do business?