iPhone Safe Mode – Have You Seen This Before?

Yesterday night, I was quietly watching some bad reality TV when a push notification showed up on my iPhone. I grabbed the phone, looked at the notification and I slid to unlock the phone in order to launch the mail.app.

To my surprise, the following screen appeared.

iphone safe mode

exit safe mode

What’s strange is that I wasn’t doing anything with the phone. That day, I did nothing but installing a new app (TomTom), and I am 100% positive I didn’t mess with any of the settings.

I had heard about the iPhone safe mode before but I had never experienced it until today. I know the iPhone can only get into safe mode on jailbroken iPhones and that it has something to do with the fast respring. That’s about all I know about this issue.

I simply tapped “OK” and turned off the phone. For a minute, I was scared that the problem would persist after rebooting the iPhone but it didn’t.

Has your iPhone been into safe mode before? If so, why do you think that happened?