Sorry About That

I wanted to apologize to all of you guys for the ups and downs on the site today.

Most of you won’t notice anything but if you’ve spent a few minutes on the blog and tried to browse various pages today, you probably saw the “Internal Server Error” message.

There are 2 reasons for this. For one, my host is crap. For two, I am working with an amazing developer on a BIG project for the site. Those of you who follow me on Twitter might already have seen some of it although it hasn’t been officially announced.

I have been super busy all day working with this dev to make things happen, which is why there won’t be any new article on the blog today.

On top of that, I have been notified by my ex-girlfriend that she’s going to put her cat “the Nos” to sleep. I’m going to go to the vet with her soon. Nos was my favorite cat ever and I am sure he will go to Cats Heaven 😉

I felt like sharing this info with you because I think it’s very important.

Stay tuned!