Write Emails On Your iPhone More Quickly With FastMail

Being that I love to email out of my iPhone more than my computer, this particular little app called FastMail really caught my attention. While using it I felt more in control of my email composition creativity. Yes you already have the iPhone application for mail that comes built in and allows you to compose as you type offering optional words above the one being typed. However there are of course certain things that the mail app can’t accomplish. You might struggle with having to retype the same long words over and over or if you’re like me, you might not be in favor of typing the word almost to completion before having the word offered to you.

Fastmail works similarly as the apple mail app except that you can see an entire list of words being offered for your use to the right of your current composition. Here’s the other kicker, you can set it to appear on the left side of your screen if you’re left-handed! But keep in mind this has to be done at the beginning of the setup of the app. The controls and face of this app is very well put together in that there is no extras, it is very simple and easy to roam through it.

So back to the typing, as you compose your email you will be offered a list of words that you can draw from according to your type of mail. As you type, just like in the Apple mail app, you will see the alternate word also offered under the one you are currently typing (but that’s just one option whereas Fastmail gives you a list of options!). Mostly everyone I’ve known to own an iPhone likes to type in landscape mode. So if you’re one to do so as well then you’re in for a treat. This app only allows you to type in landscape mode due to the space needed for the selection of words on the side of the screen.

Above the composition you will find four options as to what to do with it when done or in composing mode. The first being “mail”, which you tap once you’re done and it takes you straight to send mode in which you enter the recipients name and send.

The next option is “templates” with which you can view any words you have saved for future rapid usage! In this option you can also delete whatever you know you won’t use or want anymore by swiping to delete.

With your third option “save”, you easily compile a list of words that go into your templates page, just tap it and it’s put into a stockpile of words that you access when needed.

Your final option “clear” does what it says. It simply clears away what you have typed or mistyped.

It’s that simple. No ads or unwanted clutter. Just open up, type, save, send. This super easy app comes at you at a super easy to afford price of only $0.99. So get ready to email even quicker and easier than before.