The iPhone Gaming Grip

The following is a guest post by iPhone Download Blog reader Gavin Nachbar.

The mobile gaming industry is growing like wildfire. Video gaming giants like EA were caught off guard by the explosion of mobile gaming, and are now scrambling to release popular their popular games before the bubble pops. With that, a recent study by Gartner found that the mobile gaming industry will continue to grow by 10% a year, and will hit $6.3 billion (yes that is with a b) by the year 2011.

With the iPhone representing a solid chunk of that revenue, it is only expected that the iPhone accessory business will grow in parallel. Enter the iPhone gaming grip.

The grip was invented and released by a Japanese company named Trinity, who focus specifically on accessories for iPods, iPhones and other Apple products. The gaming grip is made out of sweat proof silicon, which is actually more convenient that one might first think. However, it does not come without a hefty price tag at $51 a pop.

While some say this may be the most absurd iPhone accessory released to date, I beg to differ. With Apple recently announcing the billionth download from the App Store, this is just the beginning for iPhone gaming accessories.

And why shouldn’t it be? While some games work well on the small screen, others just don’t have the right feel. The Wii was all the rage just a year ago, and Wii gamers have their wheel. Now, it’s the iPhone’s turn.

While the iPhone may never replace Nintendo’s DS or Playstation’s PSP, the development of products like this one is a step in that direction. This new gaming grip indisputably makes it easier to play games on the iPhone, and that’s a great start.