Unofficial iPhone 3.0 Beta 3 Jailbreak Available


Earlier this week, we talked about the new iPhone 3.0 Beta 3. It didn’t take long to iPhone hackers to update an unofficial version of QuickPwn to jailbreak the new beta firmware.

As usual, this QuickPwn is not the official release by the Dev Team and using it might prevent you from ever being able to unlock your iPhone using YellowSn0w.

So far, this jailbreak only works with iPhone 2G, 3G and 1st gen iPod Touch. It’s also worth noting that this version of QuickPwn will not install Cydia on your iPhone. Instead, it will install Icy, a Cydia “competitor”.

I do not recommend using this jailbreak. As a matter of fact, I don’t even recommend installing the 3.0 Beta as it is still a little unstable and will most likely prevent you from unlocking in the near future. That’s just my opinion anyways and you are obviously free to do whatever you want.

You can download QuickPwn for 3.0 Beta 3 and read the QuickPwn tutorial for instructions.