Some Stuff in iPhone 3.0

screenshot 3.0

Blogs everywhere are reporting new features of iPhone 3.0. What they have not mentioned are the improvements to Safari options. Apple has added stuff people have wanted for a while in Safari, such as:

  • Autofill – “Automatically fill out web forms using your contact info or previous names and passwords”
  • Fraud Warning – “Warn when visiting fraudulent websites”

Other stuff in 3.0 include:

  • Shake to Shuffle – Which appears to only work when you already are in shuffle
  • 9 page limit is still present
  • Current iTunes sucks with the newest firmware; slow sync. So expect an update.
  • Most 2.x apps appear to work
  • Minor tweak on the App Store app (apparently the screenshots are now in the page, and you scroll though them like in OS X. We’ll post a screenshot when we get it)
  • iPod Touch now has Street View.
  • All the other stuff Apple mentioned (they told us a lot this time around)
  • Push Notification (at least for Mobile Me) is working pretty well.

Stay tuned for more info.


There are more posts with info but since this is the one for undocumented features I’ll post some stuff here. There’s the easter egg (there’s a seperate post for that). Now:

  • The Stocks icon has been slightly tweaked. If you look at the current one in the bottom it’s light and has the months. In the new it’s complete in the bottom (still lighter) and has no months showing.
  • Maps for the iPod Touch has all the stuff the iPhone users got in 2.2.1. But also “Locate Me” has improved but is unstable. It puts a pin and a circle around it showing my possible location. The first time the pin landed RIGHT where I was. The second time around the pin landed in the street next to me. So it’s close….