Confirmed 3.0 Rumors: Copy/Paste, No Video, Pre Killer!

On Tuesday Apple will hold an event where it will reveal iPhone firmware 3.0. Needless to say that rumors have been flying by like shooting stars but some rumors have been confirmed by Kevin Rose, namely the long awaited copy/paste! Yes, you read me right. Copy/paste will be on the next firmware update.

Recorded live during the shooting of a DiggNation episode (see video below), Rose also mentioned that the iPhone will not have video recording capability at this time. The most interesting revelation to me is that apparently, iPhone 3.0 firmware will do everything the Palm Pre will do, but even better. What does that mean? Will we finally be able to run multiple apps in the background (without having to use the jailbreak app called Backgrounder)? Will we have push email? A mystery that will be revealed this coming Tuesday.

Now some of you who don’t know Kevin Rose may question him. Well, don’t! Rose (founder of Digg, if you didn’t know) has some very good friends at Apple and has always been right when he revealed new iPhone features in the past. Always.

What else would you like to see on the iPhone firmware 3.0?