Some Info on iPhone OS 3.0

Well it seems iPod Touch Fans has some info on iPhone OS 3.0. First of all a bit ago, a member of the site found something interesting in the current 2.2.1 firmware:

I thought this is something to be brought to attention. Apple must have something up their sleeves.

I hex’d a few files in the framework and there are quite a few references to a foreign device. Now THIS get’s me excited!

To quote antipico (another member here at IPTF), this is for those not excited about this saying that it’d be a slower sync:

I don’t know about your Wi-Fi LAN connection speed but far as I know iPod Touch supports 802.11b/g Wi-Fi that can go up to 128Mbit/s and as long as your computer supports transfer rate that fast it should be anything else but slow. That’s also way faster than USB. Transferring files through LAN is by far the fastest solution. So that shouldn’t be a problem. Syncing an album or two shoudn’t take longer a few seconds with transfer rate that quick. Of course there’s more in the sync than just transferring the file but I’d still say that it shouldn’t take longer than a minute.
I can leave my ipod download big files with ctorrent through night and still have battery remains left in the morning. So why would a 20-30 min sync session (it’s not gonna take that long anyway) drain your battery? I’ve spent much longer times surfing the net with Safari.

About “being in the range of your iTunes”. Many WLan stations have range of hundreds of meters. Mine is by a second floor window and I can walk a long way down the street and still be in connect to my internet.

And again about song removal. I own thousands of CD:s and therefore I have plenty of high quality mp3:s that take alot of space from my iPod. Many times i’ve come to a situation where i’ve had to remove albums from my iPod in order to get new ones in. Might as well do this outside of my house sitting on a bench without having to go inside.

He/She is 100% correct too. And also, an off topic, those claiming that wireless electricity is impossible, stop saying that because it’s already done and there’s products on the market that charge your ipod wirelessly [I OWN ONE]. I’ve done even deeper research on the framework and I would guess it has something to do with sharing files with other devices and syncing with an itunes library that is connected to some sort of network. Basically, what I could vision, is you’d have to buy (of course…) some device or something that gives your itunes a special name or ID and publishes that on the web through apple and then the ipod could sync it from anywhere as long as it has wifi. Now grant it, this is my guess based on the files inside and I could be completely off, but I would imagine it’s something that would allow you to sync your ipod on the go.

Now that was a bit ago. Recently however, news has arrived that Apple will preview iPhone OS 3.0. And once again, iPod Touch Fans has some info:

From the editor:

I don’t know the veracity of this, but my sources tell me:

  • SpringBoard is replaced
  • Video recording (possible new API)
  • Maps API (for devs)
  • Copy/paste
  • and more…

Of course, we won’t know for sure until the new SDK is released on the 17th.

Sources will remain anonymous, and could be completely full of bs, so don’t ask.


So like I said, iPod Touch Fans has some info. Whether it is true or not, nobody knows until the 17th. We’ll keep you informed as more details rise.