Zentomino – Find Your Zen Again

Little White Bear Studios, developers of the award winning puzzle game TanZen, have released a new game somewhat similar to TanZen: Zentomino. Zentomino is sort of like TanZen, but harder. The game, like TanZen, involves moving, rotating, and flipping puzzle pieces to fill in a shape. So what’s the difference? Well, TanZen used smaller pieces and different stuff. Zentomino uses more pieces, larger, and feels different, as well as being harder. You can see the difference by comparing the screenshots below (TanZen on left, Zentomino on right):



The game is quite fun, especially if you like puzzle games. There are three things that set apart this app from the others (as well as make you fall in love with it). The game is very well polished, everything fits well. The game is huge fun, unlike any other app, and is cheap. But the most important is the replay ability level of the game. This game does not get old at all. The game currently has 144 puzzles, but just like TanZen more puzzles will be added as free updates (in case your are wondering, TanZen currently has 4x the number of puzzles it started with).

Everything is very smooth, relaxing, and a bit hard! Just like in TanZen there are hints. This game however is a bit more advanced than TanZen. Puzzles have various difficulty levels, with 4-12 piece puzzles. You can also do puzzles in any order you want. And if your screen is all messed up with pieces, shake your device to clear all pieces from the screen. Don’t be scared! You will get the hang of it after playing with it a bit. And if you need help the game, like TanZen, has a hint system. Just double-tap on any open area for a hint. The amount of hints you get on each level depends on how hard / big the level is.

My experience with it so far has been really good. At first I was really bad but after playing with it for a while I have gotten the hang of it. Although I don’t know this as a fact, knowing Little White, an update with more levels with probably be out before you finish the first 144 puzzles included. The game, like I said before is very smooth and relaxing, something I like a lot. Plus it’s pretty cheap. Zentomino is priced at $1.99 . Considering how smooth the game is, the amount of levels it currently has and the amount of levels that will be added, it’s a steal at $1.99 . Here’s a YouTube video showing the gameplay:

UPDATE: A lite version has been released.