Will xGPS Be The First To Bring Turn By Turn Navigation To The iPhone?

I have been out of the countryfor 2 weeks and wasn’t really able to try out the beta version of xGPS, the soon-to-be-released voice turn by turn navigation system for jailbroken iPhones. So after catching up on some well needed sleep time, I finally got around xGPS and my first impressions are not that great.

xGPS is in beta version, which probably explains why I wasn’t able to get it to work. I downloaded the app, tweaked the GPS options to have it recognize my iPhone 3G and finally typed driving directions. I asked the navigation system to start from the current location and to give me directions to the arrival point of Encinitas, CA. I got an error that said: “no driving direction can be computed using your query”.

I thought it was because I had typed the city and state only. So I typed in a full address. Same error! I looked online for this issue and I realized that I am not the only one having this “no driving direction can be computed using your query” problem. I read somewhere that you have to give the full address including the country but again, this didn’t work for me.

After 15 minutes of playing around and not finding an answer, I decided that xGPS is useless as is for me for the time being so I uninstalled it. If you encountered the “no driving direction can be computed using your query” error and know how to fix it, please let me know in the comments.

However, looking at the video demo, I am really excited at the full release of this app, scheduled for March 7th. No doubt that xGPS will be the first turn-by-turn navigation system for the iPhone. My conspiracy theorist mind tells me however that Apple is most likely already working on such a feature and that it will be available on the new iPhone later this year. I might be wrong though…