The RedSn0w Release Is Now Imminent

If you have followed this blog and the coverage of RedSn0w, I guess you’ll be interested to learn about an update the Dev Team posted on its blog about RedSn0w.

Here is the news, in the Dev Team’s own words:

Update 2: A picture is worth a 1000 words but a video might be better in this day of Photoshop and fake YouTube videos.  So we’re thinking of doing what we did before Christmas for yellowsn0w — show a demo of the jailbreak on Musclenerd’s Qik account (announced via his twitter account over there on the right hand side).  Since Qik provides a live chatroom right next to the video, we’ll probably be in there too right after the video’s over. Note: anybody posing as any devteam member on that chat right now is faking it.  We won’t be on that chat except for a very specific time that we’ll announce. (We may possibly not even do the chat since it’s so ripe for abuse).

It’s still not been officially said that RedSn0w is a jailbreak for the iPod Touch 2G but such screenshot kinda gives it away… If I had to make a guess on when RedSn0w will be released, I would say “before the end of the month”. But hey, I’m right only 99% of the time…