RedSn0w Through Safari?

I read an article saying that there is a flaw on desktop Safari:

I have discovered that Apple’s Safari browser is vulnerable to an attack that allows a malicious web site to read files on a user’s hard drive without user intervention. This can be used to gain access to sensitive information stored on the user’s computer, such as emails, passwords, or cookies that could be used to gain access to the user’s accounts on some web sites. The vulnerability has been acknowledged by Apple.

Now this got me thinking…. = on the fly jailbreak?

Think about it. If their website accesses your iPod and does the things necessary either to jailbreak on the go or to prepare for a jailbreak (Chronic Dev said that the exploit is in some sort of file in 2.1.1); this could be interesting and true.

This is one of the only reasons I can think of for the RedSn0w domain.

I do not know if mobile Safari has the same weaknesses as desktop Safari; but it could . There are some Safari exploits that actually crash your iPod (try this to crash yours if you dare!) ; I had to connect mine to the power to get it to restart. But whatever the Dev Team has up their sleeves should be interesting.