Breaking News: iPhone 3G Unlock Will Work For All Basebands

Earlier today, the Dev Team published a post on the blog with some strange binary codes that won’t mean anything to anyone that doesn’t speak geek fluently (I don’t!). I completely disregarded this post as I thought it was a pre-message for tonight’s release of yellow sn0w, the new unlocking tool that will be available sometimes today through Cydia.

However, a tweet from twitter user Yellow Sn0w got me all excited when it said that it will be safe to use yellow sn0w on any firmware. Tweeting back and forth with him, I was directed to a blog post of his that actually explains the full meaning of the binary codes posted by the Dev Team.

Here is his explanation:

In binary that message translates to vtaber 61060174. vtaber translates to “ignore” and the 61060174 means post# 61060174 on the iPhone DevTeam blog.

Hoping that this is true…