Flash Finally Coming to Your iPhone With iMobileCinema

It’s completely unofficial and still very buggy, but yes, you finally can get Flash on your iPhone… kinda. iMobileCinema is a new app available for free in Cydia that aims at being the “Flash for iPhone” application.

iMobileCinema is in fact a Safari plugin for playing internet videos on your iPhone or iPod touch. I personally gave it a try on several websites and it worked pretty well.

After installing iMobileCinema, simply visit any webpage that has Flash content and it will show you a big “play” triangle on top of videos so you know you can play it.

Is iMobileCinema a Flash Player for Safari?

The answer is no. Even though iMobileCinema acts like a Flash plugin, it can’t play Flash content such as Flash games and ads. It only plays Flashvideos that are embedded in a webpage.

iMobileCinema can’t decode Flash files (.swf) but it ca decode Flash Videos (.flv). It decodes and plays the flash video in real-time while it’s buffering.

According to iMobileCinema’s blog, they are also coming up with some cool new features…

Some live broadcast sites are using rtmp protocol to deliver videos, e.g., mtv.com, hulu.com. We’ll try to support the protocol later. And playing embedded mp3, like singsbox.com, is a good idea and we’ll try to support it too.

iMobileCinema is available via Cydia. You will have to add this source to Cydia: http://d.imobilecinema.com

Here is a short demo of iMobileCinema in action…