Elegance Is My New Favorite iPhone Theme

I am not a big “theme guy” but from time to time, I find some very cool themes and I like to feature them on the blog. That is the case of a new theme that is available since this morning in Cydia called Elegance.

I had to manually customize this theme a little bit as it was created by an Italian designer and most of the icons were in Italian, which prevented my iPhone to recognize most of them and display them correctly. For example, the “Maps” icon is named Maps.png but it is named Mappe.png in Italian, and my iPhone didn’t show it as it was looking for the English version.

To edit some of the icon names, I plugged my iPhone to my computer and launched iPhoneBrowser. In a couple minutes, I renamed the 5-6 icons that I needed… and voila!

Elegance includes a lock screen, custom slider, wallpaper, tons of icons, SMS background and more. As you can see from the image above, Elegance really deserves that name. I think it is a beautiful theme that might get to stay on my iPhone for a while…