Fuzzyshot – Photo Uploading & Sharing

fuzzyshotI admit it – I’m an iPhone photo-holic.  I’m addicted to taking photos with my iPhone.   And the site I use to upload to from my iPhone is Flickr.  However, Flickr does not have a full-featured iPhone app and many apps that can upload to Flickr are very basic.

That’s where Fuzzyshot Photo Blog [iTunes link] comes in.  Although users of Fuzzyshot will definitely benefit, new users can easily create an account right on your iPhone.  And the app can do just about anything the web version does.  You simply snap your photo, set your post title and comment, select public or private and whether you want your photo geotagged or not.  You can also easily e-mail your photo straight from the app.

Browsing other people’s Fuzzyshot pictures is also easy in the app.  The most recent pictures are featured in your feed (so if you don’t want your family’s pictures spread across the internet, you should select private) and you can also check out the most viewed and most discussed pictures in the last 24 hours.  You also get a unique web address as well as an RSS feed for your photos.

I had never heard of Fuzzyshot before reviewing this app, but it appears that it has a well-established photo blogging community.  If you want EASY photo uploading take a look at Fuzzyshot.  It’s free to download and free to sign up.