Daily iPhone News for 12/08/08

FileChute to the rescue for sending large files

FileChute from Yellow Mug Software has been kicking around for awhile, but has been pretty much under the radar for most people. Some of our readers mentioned it when we reviewed YouSendIt last January. FileChute is powerful because it can send any size file, as long as you have space on your iDisk, FTP site, or WebDAV web server.

Livespeakr now accepting pre-orders

Just to refresh our memories, the Livespeaker is a speaker cradle that holds the iPhone/iPod. The speakers are protected against RF (radio frequency) noise, so you can enjoy pristine audio without the cell signal getting in the way. The speakers will expand, rotate, and contract to fit movie/Cover Flow viewing angles, and will fit in your pocket. The speakers are powered by rechargeable batteries, or AC adapter.

First Look: Sharecard for iPhone

When you first launch the application, you are able to set the default vCard to send. When you navigate back to the vCard tab, and tap the “Send Card” button, you will have the option to send the card via email. In the email section, you can either type in a new email address, or select an email address from your contacts.

Boingo Mobile comes to the iPhone/iPod touch

Good news for travelers or anyone who is frequently on the go: Boingo has just released Boingo Mobile for the iPhone and iPod touch. Boingo Mobile is actually a pretty handy service, especially for the frequent traveler. For $7.95 a month (5.95 EUR, 3.95 GBP), you get unlimited data and VOiP access to all Boingo Mobile hotspot locations throughout the world. This includes practically every major airport, US Starbucks and McDonalds locations and an insane number of hotels.

Walmart workers back iPhone launch rumors

Newer sources back the notion that Walmart will soon begin carrying the iPhone, Bloomberg reports. The news agency cites cellphone department workers at five California Walmarts, who again say that the iPhone is due by the end of December, and that sales training for it is already in progress.

Google pushes AdWords advertising to iPhone, G1

Google is adopting a more concentrated approach to marketing on cellphones, an announcement reveals. The company says it has revised its AdWords advertising system, and will now allow advertisers to push desktop-like web ads to the iPhone, the T-Mobile G1 and other phones with full HTML support.

PocketFinder launched for iPhone 3G

Location Based Technologies has released its latest PocketFinder Location software, now in the form of an iPhone app. By using the program, a person’s friends and family should be able to view the location of their iPhone worldwide, from any smartphone or computer. Included in the app are alert zones, which allow customizable alerts to be sent out whenever a user leaves a specified area.

Songbird Remote Controls Playlists from your iPhone or iPod Touch

One of the great strengths of Songbird, a jukebox app intended to serve as a more open-ended iTunes killer, is its Firefox-like extensibility. The 779Media group jumps out of the gate with a remote-control application for iPhones and iPod touch devices that, while simple in functionality, does give you basic play/pause/back/forward control from anywhere your home wireless network reaches.

Slydial: Great, if you can get it…

I found this great iPhone app last night called Slydial. It lets you leave a voicemail on someone’s mobile phone without bothering the person to answer. So, the recipient will not get a ringtone but will get your voicemail message. And it’s free!