Daily iPhone News – 11/28/08

In the news today:

  • a hidden video-out feature on the iPhone 3G
  • Apple’s black Friday
  • new app: TouchGrind
  • and more after the break…

Hidden Video-Out On iPhone 3G

Officially speaking, Apple says the iPhone and iPod touch don’t have video-out support, but Erica Sadun’s iPhone framework-dumping skills have uncovered a hidden feature added in the latest update to the software and SDK for the iPhone 3G. After tinkering with it, she has managed to get the iPhone to send a live video feed from it’s camera to her TV.

Touchgrind in the App Store

Playing with a tiny skateboard in real-life seems kind of silly. But playing with a virtual skateboard that responds realistically to your fingers flipping and tapping on a multitouch screen could be really, really awesome — like a skating game with the best controls ever.

Hidden TV out features discovered in iPhone 2.2 SDK

An unpublished part of iPhone’s latest programming framework lets third-party developers pipe video out to an external device, albeit not without a few catches.

App Store hosts discounted apps for Black Friday

In addition to hardware sales through the Apple Store, more Black Friday deals are being promoted today through the iTunes App Store.

Flick Fishing 1.2 update expands fish, modes

Freeverse has published Flick Fishing 1.2, an update of its fishing game for the iPhone and iPod touch, in which players flick their wrist to cast a fishing line and reel it in. New features in this version include an unlockable night-fishing location, lures and spinners now working without floats, and various secret power-ups to help with larger fish.