iPhone Works With Toddlers Too

Adam’s Game [iTunes Link] is just amazing. I love simple apps, I love apps that needs no explanation, I love apps that you can make your own, but this one simply tops it all… provided you are one year old or younger.

A voice asks you to point at one of three figures; if you do so a cheering noise congratulates you; otherwise you have a nice “Hu-ho”, not so praising, but not too negative either. Anyone old enough to buy an iPhone might find it limited — but who said children have short attention span?

How do I know it is so great?  I am a single, toddler-hater with no nephew-turned-tester at hand.  I saw the app, didn’t really paid attention at first, but like Joe Biden I do take the train often, and unlike him, I’m always seated next to the nastiest one-toothed ear-drump-blaster-of-a-child that starts yelling for no reason.  Thank you 3G, I had the app up and running in no time.  The best dollar spent in my life, I’d say.  I’m not sure my headset was his size, though.

Adam’s Game is fully customizable, so all of you overworked parents can let your better half share his or her iPhone with the little wonder, with your voice on it.  I know this might sound like a detail, but many workaholic might end up being slightly better parents with that.

The only problem: you might want to use bactericide swipe on your phone after that. And a solid casing: gravity is still an fascinating experimental interest at that age.

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