iPhone Daily News – 11/24/08

We had a pretty good weekend in term of news. First the 2.2 update, and hours later, the release of QuickPwn 2.2 and PwnageTool 2.2. That kept me busy for quite a while as I was writing all these tutorials on how to jailbreak your iPhone.

In the news today:

  • Apple iPhone black Friday sales
  • MMS on the iPhone. Is it here yet?
  • iPod Touch faster, better, stronger than the iPhone
  • Apple wants you to “iPhone your life”
  • Apple violates its own policy!
  • App reviews: Guitar Rock Tour, Got Your Back
  • More after the break…

Apple iPhone, Black Friday Sales

Several readers have noticed that our Buyer’s Guide has recently changed the iPhone recommendation to “Don’t Buy – Updates Soon” despite no recent rumors about a new iPhone update.

First Look: Guitar Rock Tour for iPhone

Do you like to rock out with Guitar Hero or Rock Band? If you do, then you’ll no doubt like Guitar Rock Tour [iTunes link] for the iPhone. The Guitar Rock Tour experience is similar to that of Guitar Hero, but portable. Unlike Tap Tap Revenge, Guitar Rock Tour gives you 17 licensed songs, including Rock You Like a Hurricane, Beat It, Smoke on the Water, and more.

First Look: Got Your BAC for iPhone/iPod touch

If you frequent the bar, or just like to have the occasional drink, then a new iPhone application has Got Your Back. As a matter of fact, that is the name of the application; except it is spelled BAC (as in Blood-Alcohol Concentration). With this application you will know exactly when you should call a taxi.

Apple Xserve Field Guide

Attention Xserve administrators: Apple has created an Xserve Field Guide web app that can you can use to jog your memory when you’re standing in front of a server and can’t remember how to perform some manual task.

Mobispine pens tell all about their iPhone MMS app, doesn’t exactly tell all

We’ve heard a few things about the Mobispine MMS app supposedly being developed for the iPhone, but the company’s just answered a couple of questions, and we thought we’d give you a quick rundown. Interestingly, the app will utilize Apple’s announced but delayed push notification, which Mobispine says is due “pretty soon,” though carriers may use SMS notification in lieu of the service.

How to sell an iPhone app for $9.99

Marco over on the Instapaper blog (which, of course, is the blog of the app Instapaper), posted a really interesting commentary recently on a subject we’ve been following since the beginning: App Store pricing. As we’ve said before, it’s a strange thing — developers want higher prices so that they can put more effort into making iPhone apps better. But customers have a perception already that anything above $5 in the App Store just isn’t worth it.

Apple sued over mobile Safari as email retention policy questioned

Apple is facing a new lawsuit over the iPhone’s Safari web browser just as the company’s lax policy on employee email retention is brought into question regarding a separate suit. EMG Technology, …

Tiggits for iPhone searches events, purchases tickets

FurrySoft has released Tiggits for iPhone, a ticket search and purchasing app focused on concert, sports and theater events. The new app gives users access to shows across North America via TicketNetwork, which is partnering with Tiggits and will provide secure transactions for user purchases.

2nd Generation iPod Touch Faster than iPhone

Mobile developer Handheld Games Corp reported to TouchArcade.com that performance of their 3D TouchSports Tennis game [App Store, $4.99] is noticeably different between models of iPhones and iPod touches. Their 3D tennis game (video) seems to parti…

Apple launches “iPhone Your Life” site

Are you looking for good iPhone application recommendations? While you could look at our App Store section to find reviews, you can also turn to a new section on Apple’s website. “iPhone Your Life,” as it’s called, allows you to see applications as they relate to different parts of your life.

Apple approves third-party email client for the App Store, violates its own policies

According to the release, the program is the “the first wide email iPhone app that supports client SMTP.” That means, in essence, that it duplicates an exact function of Apple’s Mail application on the iPhone and touch. That’s kind of a huge deal, because up until this point we’ve been led to believe that this duplication of functionality is one of the company’s red flags when it comes to approval.

iPhone targeted in patent infringement case

Apple is involved in yet another patent infringement lawsuit targeted at the iPhone. The plaintiff, EMG Technology, accuses the the company of violating a patent that relates to Internet navigation and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). The claim involves the presentation of content changed from HTML to XML format, a technology utilized by the iPhone.