Daily iPhone News – 11/19/08

This was a very poor day in iPhone news but here are some of the highlights of the day…

Husband Blames iPhone For Smutty Pic Debacle, Fate of Marriage Hangs on Apple Support Discussion

A Jersey woman has called out to Apple support forum users for a little help with a problem she is having. Apparently, she borrowed her husband’s iPhone and found a raunchy pic of him attached to an email sent to another woman’s address. The husband admits to taking the picture, but claims that the email attachment was a glitch. In fact, he said that the folks at his local Apple Genius Bar informed him that “photos sometimes automatically attach themselves to an e-mail address and appear in the sent folder, even though no e-mail was ever sent.” The wife has asked support forum users whether or not this could be true and adds that the future of her marriage rests on the answer.

iTunes Plus coming to 3 remaining majors?

Apple is discussing deals with the three major music labels yet to sign on to iTunes Plus to remove the locks on their music as well, alleged sources tell CNET. Two reported contacts describe “preliminary” negotiations that would expand Apple’s deal for music without copy protection beyond EMI and independents to include Sony, Warner and Universal. The talks are said to have been spread over the past several months for at least two labels and aren’t certain to result in a favorable income.

Walmart will sell iPhones starting Dec. 28

Walmart will be taking a pass for most of the holiday shopping season with one particular item: the iPhone. It will begin selling the handset December 28, according to Jamie Townsend, of research firm JRPG.

TouchTerm Puts a Terminal Client on Your iPhone

iPhone/iPod touch only: With Mocha VNC Lite, iPhone and iPod touch users already have a tool for connecting remotely to their desktops, but what about those who like to get things done over a command line? Free iPhone app TouchTerm provides SSH-encrypted terminal access to any Linux, OS X, or even Windows system running a server, making mobile rebooting or service starting over Wi-Fi or EDGE/3G connections possible.