That happened in the iPhone world today 11/10/08

PhotoArtist adds Photoshop-like effects via iPhone

Big Canvas has launched a new photo manipulation program through the App Store. PhotoArtist allows users to add Photoshop-like filters to an image, using an iPhone or iPod touch. Images are selected from an existing library, or in the case of the iPhone, photos from the onboard camera; there are currently six different filters, including illustration, watercolor, cartoon, mono, pen and halftone.

Mophie intros Juice Pack iPhone 3G battery extender

Mophie has introduced its latest accessory for the iPhone 3G, the Juice Pack 3G battery extender. The device features a lithium polymer battery that is claimed to offer an additional 350 hours of standby time, 6 hours of 3G talk time, 12 hours of 2G talk time, and 6-7 hours of internet use.

Apple Rejects CastCatcher 1.3 App for “Transferring Excessive Volumes of Data”

I think Apple’s rejection of the latest update to CastCatcher—an internet radio app—is the first we’ve seen because it “transfer[s] excessive volumes of data over the cellular network.” Interestingly, the current version, 1.2, is still in the store, and return7’s co-founder, Amro Mousa, told us that CastCatcher 1.3 doesn’t “use more bandwidth than prior versions (or any other streaming app).”

iPhoneize your website, instantly!

If you don’t know anything about the iPhone, the MobileSafari browser, or web design in general, creating an iPhone version of your website can be daunting. makes it easy. Just put in the address of your site’s RSS feed, give it a name, and click iPhoneize. If you want, upload an icon. That’s all you have to do: Intersquash gives you a little bit of code to paste into the body of your site, and it’s magically optimized for iPhone viewing.

Richard|Solo 1800: More of everything!

We reported on the Richard|Solo Smart Backup Battery for iPhone a few months ago. Now Richard|Solo has released a much improved version of the Backup Battery that not only provides more power for your iPhone or iPod, but some excellent new features that trash the competition.

New iPhone ad series features wide range of apps

Another week, another Apple ad on TV — a new entry in the series of iPhone commercials that have dropped the “This is how you enter the App Store” opening. Eagle-eyed readers have also noted that some of the new ads include a subtle “Sequence shortened” caption that reminds us things may go a bit slower in real life than they do on TV.

NPD reports iPhone was top US handset in Q3

There’s word this morning that the NPD Group’s latest research shows a surprising finish for the iPhone in the 3rd-quarter sales competition among US cellphones bought by consumers; for the first time in three years, there’s a new top model. The Motorola RAZR, long the most popular handset for adult consumers, has fallen before the touchable juggernaut from Cupertino, CA.

Classics: The iPhone e-reader to rule them all?

The application comes with a dozen public-domain books ready for you to read: with more promised in future (free) updates. As you might expect, there’s plenty of attention paid to the application’s handling of your reading too: pressing home places a neat ribbon bookmark on the page you were reading, for example.

Group claims iPhone twice as reliable as BlackBerry

The iPhone is an extremely reliable smartphone, a study from a warranty extension company claims. SquareTrade says that within one year of ownership, the failure rate for the iPhone is just 5.6 percent; this is half the rate for Research in Motion’s BlackBerry phones, and almost three times less than the 16.2 percent for Palm’s Treo line.

Onyx Online Could Turn iPhones Into Nifty Social Gaming Devices

Onyx Online, for the iPhone, is kind of like Xbox Live. Sort of. The ambitious service is the brainchild of Trism developer Steve Demeter, who hopes to add a slew of “social media” features to iPhone games, like leaderboards, achievements, forums, and the like. There’s even a pissing contest feature, wherein Onyx-enabled games will allow players to view each other’s profiles, scores, challenge friends, and see what games people are playing. Like we said, just add a headset and some 15-year-old boys screaming “your gay” and you have Xbox Live (and no, there’s no typo there— even when they scream it, they use the wrong spelling, just like in the forums).

Hey New York Times! Fix Your Stupid iPhone App

If you’ll allow me, I’d like to unleash a small personal diatribe. I promise it’ll be brief. But I’ve been suffering through the buggy pile of crap that is the New York Times iPhone app for long enough.