That happened in the iPhone world today 10/29/08

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Review: OtterBox Defender for iPhone 3G

Overall for protection of the iPhone 3G you’re going to be hard pressed to find a case that looks as good at the Defender and protects as well as the Defender. I don’t know if I’d recommend it for daily use (unless you’re a careless or somewhat clumsy person) but if you find yourself on construction sites, camping areas, or some other area where the risk to your iPhone is fairly high – you simply can’t go wrong with this case.

Safari Bookbag – Your Library on Your iPhone

Safari Books Online has announced Safari Bookbag, a free App for the iPhone that allows you access to downloading chapters or full books in PDF format from your Safari Books Online library. Users of the Safari Books Online service can sync their iPhone with the “My Downloads” library from their Safari account. Once downloaded onto your iPhone you tap the title of the book to open it. Books can be downloaded to your iPhone whenever an internet connection is present. They will be stored in and available within the Bookbag App.

The Next Steps to Accelerate the Tectonic Shift in Mobile, Part 1

Is the iPhone the answer to all prayers and complaints in the mobile startup world? No, it is not. One phone alone cannot deliver that. But it is the kickoff to a tectonic shift. Away from an industry structure based on structural and size advantages to an industry structure driven by innovation, consumer choice and software developers. To date, the players owning the customer billing relationship and the infrastructure have been favored (carriers/operators). The iPhone AppStore and its ease of web browsing kick off the shift to an industry structure that unbundles billing and infrastructure from the services running on top of those.

John McCain Finally Gets His Own iPhone App

Sure, Obama may have had his official iPhone app out a while ago, allowing supporters to easily make calls on his behalf and do all sorts of other things, but don’t think there isn’t a John McCain app out there as well.

AT&T announces free Wi-Fi access for iPhone users (again)

After several false starts, AT&T on Wednesday began sending SMS messages to iPhone owners announcing that they can now access free of charge the carrier’s nation-leading Wi-Fi network of more than 17,000 hotspots.

First look: ‘Classics’ aims to kindle iPhone reading surge

E-books are just beginning to gain traction with consumers today, a phenomenon that seemed to start quietly with offerings from Sony, then taking another large step with Amazon’s Kindle. However, the iPhone — a device not meant for dedicated reading — is increasingly turning people on to digital reading.