Learn Something New Everyday

So maybe I’m an idiot, and if I am, then Sebastien will be sure to let me know. But I had no idea the iPhone headphones were so versatile. I knew that you could click and double click your way through songs, but I had no idea that 3 quick clicks would take you back a song. This is very handy for when you can’t access your iPhone’s GUI right away (jogging, squished in an an airplane seat).

The folks over at macosxhints.com said this was just added in 2.1, so I can’t be that far out of it.

Also another interesting fact about the wonderful iPhone headphones, (these are always good ice breakers at awkward get togethers) , they are compatiple with the new macbook line Apple launched today. They will be able to control iTunes via the “clicker” and offer another input with its built in microphone.