Hi, my name is Alicia

Hi, My name is Alicia and starting today I am going to start to contribute some posts to this blog. I am an information architect at a pharmaceutical company by day and gadget girl by night. I have been addicted to gadgets since i was a little girl and i saw my first Radio Shack. Sometimes I can get a little out of hand as when I decided everyone in my family (all five of us) needed a kindle. When I recently called Amazon on the phone, the support person said to me “Hey, your that family with five kindles”. And it doesn’t stop there. I have been hacking successfully and unsuccessfully for years. I am always the first one to but on the new firmware, to pay the most for the bleeding edge technology (Paid almost $1000 for my Tivo 7 years ago), and to have to explain to my husband why the X10 components I installed only work half of the time.

I am really excited about where we are headed with this new integrated web way of looking at the world. I think that combining the concept of “internet everywhere” with a GPS, accelerometer and a phone will completely change the way we interact with information and our world. I think the possibilities are endless.

Each day when I look at what people are building for this new framework, I am blown away at the ingenuity and creativity. Even when the developer’s don’t get it right the first time, I still have to say to myself “why didn’t i think of that?”

I hope to bring some of gadget lust and awe to this blog. Talk to you soon.