News from the DevTeam

How much do you love the DevTeam? These guys are working day and night so you don’t have to rely on Apple to provide you with great iPhone applications. I believe I use more jailbroken applications than I actually use “Apple approved” apps. All this thanks to the DevTeam.

Today, the DevTeam updated us on the status of their work.

While we continue working on the two current remaining challenges from Apple (the iPhone 3G soft unlock and iPod Touch 2G jailbreak…see the end of this post), we’re also watching the latest beta releases from Apple.

The first beta 2.2 from Apple reveals a few things:

  1. They’re continuing with their ski-resort theme;  Version 2.2 is nicknamed TImberline.
  2. They’ve gone back to using expiry dates.  The first 2.2 beta is due to expire on November 30, 2008.  They stopped using expiry dates about halfway through the 2.1 betas, but for some reason they’ve started using them again.
  3. Version 2.2 is still vulnerable to pwnage and quickpwn on everything but iPod Touch 2G.

To demonstrate point #3, here’s the non-AppStore application running on 2.2, showing the kernel build information.

Hardware already vulnerable to pwnage remains vulnerable in version 2.2.

Regarding the two current challenges:  the 3G iPhone soft unlock and iPod Touch 2G jailbreak are still relatively new challenges (compare them with the timeframe of the iPhone challenges last year).  We’re making slow advances on both fronts, but it’s not the sort of thing that can be easily described in a blog like this.

But, to maybe show how interlinked these challenges are, this weekend we’ll be trying some hardware based ideas on the iPod Touch 2G jailbreak 🙂

As you can read, they are still working of this long-awaited iPhone 3G unlock. I am a “legit” AT&T customer so I don’t care much about the unlock for myself, but I can’t wait for them succeed as it will help thousands, if not more.

Keep up the good job DevTeam.