iPhone News Roundup for 9/15/08

This is your daily fix of iPhone news in one place so you don’t have to visit 60 sites to know what happened today in the iPhone world.

Apple Developing ARM Processors for iPhone

Wei-han Lien, the senior manager of Apple’s chip team, dished out the morsel on LinkedIn, saying he’s busy at work crafting an ARM processor for the next-generation iPhone.

Edit most document types with TextGuru

TextGuru is a new iPhone application that promising, useful — and also really powerful! The application allows you to create and edit a ton of document types.

NetShare, banned from the AppStore

Looks like Apple has decided they will not be allowing any tethering applications in the AppStore. As such, NetShare will not be available in the iTunes AppStore. We are seeing a lot of similar reports from various developers who’s applications were abruptly removed and banned from the AppStore without any violations of the terms of service. This is all unfortunate news for the iPhone platform end-users.

iFund Gets A Blog

Today we’re launching the iFund blog. The purpose is to share (and hear) perspectives around the iPhone and emerging open mobile ecosystem. We’ve been blown away by the amount of entrepreneurial activity in mobile since launching the iFund on March 6th. In 6 months, we’ve received over 2700 plans. To put it in context, that’s about 20x what we received in a similar period last year.

Become a citizen journalist with CBS EyeMobile

CBS wants you to take photos of events as they’re happening, then use EyeMobile to upload your pics and report on what’s happening. If the iPhone ever gets video capabilities, you’d most likely be able to use EyeMobile to upload your news videos as well. (Note to Apple: that video capture capability would have been nice in the 2.1 update.) CBS is now accepting video from other sources, like your camcorder or BlackBerry.

EyeMobile also lets you watch what other “citizen journalists” are posting. While the quality of reporting might be somewhat iffy, anything has to be better than the talking heads that the networks hire.

iPhone app growth outpacing iTunes’ early days

As Roughly Drafted Magazine points out, what used to be the iTunes Music Store took two months to sell 25 million songs, and a full two years to sell 1 billion. Even if growth stopped today and remained flat for the next year, Jobs could very well still hit his prediction of a billion-dollar marketplace, and the App Store could give McDonalds a run for its money by hanging a “one billion sold!” sign much earlier than the iTunes Music Store did.

“Star Wars: Force Unleashed” for iPhone Now Available

THQ Wireless Inc has released Star Wars: Force Unleashed [App Store] to the App Store. The $9.99 game offers a companion game to the full version due for release on September 16th.

iPhone 3G works out of the box with AT&T Pay As You Go SIMs

It was my first time to truly confirm that the rumors were true: a completely virgin iPhone 3G works out of the box with AT&T Pay As You Go SIMs. After about two minutes, the iPhone acknowledged the SIM and threw up an AT&T logo. I made an outgoing phone call without any problems.