iPhone firmware 2.1 coming friday

At his Let’s Rock event, Steve Jobs announced that a new iPhone firmware 2.1 will be made available for download this friday.

Steve Jobs called it a “big” update but seeing what this update will bring, it looks to me like the usual “bug fixes” update…Here is what Steve had to say about the new 2.1 iPhone and iPod Touch firmware:

  • no crashes with applications – Oh, thanks Steve, you’re too generous…
  • fewer dropped calls – never had any issue with that. This means they will update the baseband
  • big battery improvement – Hmm, I heard that before…
  • faster backups – ok, cool, what else?
  • that’s it

You will ask: “what about this fucking copy/paste I’ve been waiting for since June 29, 2007?” Well my friend, no word about this. Now, if Apple had added copy/paste or push notification, THAT would have been a “BIG” update. To me this update should have been 2.0.3 and not 2.1.

I highly recommend you wait for the DevTeam to come up with a new Pwnage tool before upgrading – that is for users with jailbroken iPhones, of course!