iPhone Tunnel Suite gets many updates

Since I wrote about iPhone tunnel Suite 2.5 last week, a lots have been going on for this useful little application as iMakkie has been updating a couple times.

iPhone Tunnel Suite 2.6 – 09/06/08

Added Features:

  • You can kill iTunnel and iConnect processes by clicking the X buttons.
  • iConnect window its not appearing anymore.
  • A new notify icon that show iTunnel and iConnect status.
  • You can switch device by right-clicking the notify icon!

iPhone Tunnel Suite 2.7 – 09/07/08

  • Bug fix
  • Little Updates
  • Now iTunnel auto-start if not started and needed!

Why all these updates? Either iMakkie is very bored, or he wants us (and me!) to talk about iPhone Tunnel Suite and create a buzz. I believe he doesn’t have much to do and he is on top of listening to his users who report about minor bugs. Good job, iMakkie!

I yet have to work on a tutorial on how to use iPhone Tunnel Suite but I’ve been kinda busy lately (moving to a new house with Tina).

On his blog, iMakkie also posted a mockup for what couple the possible UI of iPhone Tunnel Suite 3.0. You can see this mockup below.