iPhone Tunnel

Next Version of iPhone Tunnel Suite

There has been quite a bit of noise around iPhone Tunnel Suite lately, and it seems it's not gonna stop as iMakkie wrote today on his blog that a new version of iPhone Tunnel Suite is in the works.

From iMakkie:

In the next version you will see everything that now you see (iTunnel, iConnect, ecc…), im also thinking of making a custom firmware with custom payloads (like OpenSSH) so that the ones who really cant download it from the device will also be able to use it.

Also looking at your emails i’ve seen that you want to connect to the internet on your device using the tunnel and the pc connection, this is actually possible anyway, right now its very difficult.

So there are two options:

1. I can try to insert the connection trough pc. 2. I can develop an Offline Installer / Cydia, that works as the installer / cydia do on your device and install the apps directly trough the iTunnel.

Personally, I would love to see iPhone Tunnel in Cydia and use it as a tethering tool. Right now it is possible to use iPhone Tunnel for tethering but it's just too complicated to set up.

In the meantime, iMakkie says he is already working on the new version which will have a new GUI.

iPhone Tunnel Suite gets many updates

Since I wrote about iPhone tunnel Suite 2.5 last week, a lots have been going on for this useful little application as iMakkie has been updating a couple times.

iPhone Tunnel Suite 2.6 - 09/06/08

Added Features:

You can kill iTunnel and iConnect processes by clicking the X buttons. iConnect window its not appearing anymore. A new notify icon that show iTunnel and iConnect status. You can switch device by right-clicking the notify icon!

iPhone Tunnel Suite 2.7 - 09/07/08

Bug fix Little Updates Now iTunnel auto-start if not started and needed!

Why all these updates? Either iMakkie is very bored, or he wants us (and me!) to talk about iPhone Tunnel Suite and create a buzz. I believe he doesn't have much to do and he is on top of listening to his users who report about minor bugs. Good job, iMakkie!

I yet have to work on a tutorial on how to use iPhone Tunnel Suite but I've been kinda busy lately (moving to a new house with Tina).

On his blog, iMakkie also posted a mockup for what couple the possible UI of iPhone Tunnel Suite 3.0. You can see this mockup below.

iPhone Tunnel Suite 2.5

[digg-me]Wanna SSH into your iPhone but don't have wifi. Well, rejoice because thanks to th enew iPhone Tunnel Suite 2.5, you're now gonna be able to just that, with the help of a USB cable.

The iPhone Tunnel Suite supports tethering and all other SSH possibilities via USB cable.

The Version 2.5 is currently in an closed beta-test but will be released in a few days.

Supposedly, you're gonna be able to use your iPhone as a 3G/EDGE modem and a WIFI antenna.

You will be able to sftp on the iPhone, share internet connection from the iPhone or use the iPod Touch as a wifi antenna via usb cable. You'll also be able to use terminal via usb cable.

Check out this video. I will let you know when it comes out to public.

iPhone Tunnel Suite 2.5 Beta from ben miller on Vimeo.